Why are wedding dresses so expensive?

Wondering why wedding dresses are so expensive?

You’ve started your search for The Dress and you’ve realised that it will cost a pretty penny. … but at a time when every wedding penny has to be accounted for, shouldn’t you be asking yourself, what exactly are you paying for? It seems like a lot of money, for something that you’ll only be wearing once…right?

Wedding gowns are made with luxurious fabrics and hand finished with intricate details, which is why they are so expensive, but even more than that, there should be an excitement about the dream dress you’re about to invest in!

Here’s a thought…Have your dress made!

It’s not as complicated or expensive as you might think, and doesn’t have to cost any more than buying off the rack, but you get so much more emotional value because you will remember the journey of seeing your gown being brought to life. 

Here’s why you’ll get more value for your money …

• With a dressmaker there is a fixed price from the beginning to include any tweaks or alterations needed, meaning no extra costs.

• When it’s YOUR design, you can have a stunning one-of-a-kind gown that’s truly yours… made specifically to fit your unique body shape. 

• You’re involved throughout the process from sketching the design, through to the completion of the dress.

• It takes time to make over the course of several fittings spanning between 6-9 months. Each gown has a mock-up of the dress made before the ‘real dress’ is hand made one-by-one with outstanding quality right through to the hand finishing touches. 

If you’re really budget-conscious… Here’s help on how to reduce cost.

• You can still look like a princess in a beautifully cut dress made in a polyester fabric as opposed to pure silk… and you don’t need to have bling, beads or lace to get the “Wow” factor (think royal wedding Megan Markle’s Dress).

• Buying a pre-loved gown online is a popular choice, then make it your own by remodelling it to suit, such as changing the neckline, adding sleeves or straps, shortening the train… there’s so many options here for you to look like a princess.

• Having your mother’s wedding gown remodelled into your own personal style.

• Check out your favourite bridal boutiques at their sample sale and snap up that perfect gown at a highly reduced price and have it altered to fit you. 

Get in touch.

I’m Janice and I help brides through the design process of their dream dress, from start to finish, by first offering a free consultation to help figure out if having their dress made is the right choice for them, while still keeping it cost effective to their budget. Reply to book in, limited spaces available each year. 

Love, Janice

PS. If you want to discuss these ideas and options with an experienced dressmaker, just give me a call and I’d be happy to help