• Personalised and friendly service
  • Complimentary initial consultation to get to know your style
  • A detailed sketch of your dream dress based on your ideas and styles
  • Choosing superior quality fabrics to compliment the style of your dress
  • Attention to detail
  • 2 to 3 more fittings depending on complexity of dress
  • Finally, the dress reveal! You will look amazing in your bespoke wedding gown!


About us

Looking back I’ve often wondered about the real reason for my passion for creating beautiful wedding gowns. There must have been a starting point and it didn’t take me long to finally figure it out years later as I went through  my own wedding photos. I didn’t have a dress that represented my own style, and there was absolutely no way of changing the past errors, it was set in photos forever, and it’s quite a sad feeling knowing that I did not have the dress of my dreams. However, it probably was a blessing in a way because I use this experience as a great building block, so that when brides come to my studio, they have a clear picture of how their dream dress will unfold step by creative step.

This is my commitment, to create your dream dress to make you feel and look like a princess, not only on your wedding day but also to create a pictorial history of your big day that you will be proud of, and your future generations will say ‘wow’ what a gorgeous gown. Just thinking about it makes me realise that in a way I will be part of your history through the pages of your album. Wow!

As you can tell my passion has led me to my purpose for creating beautiful wedding gowns. Whatever your style and if you desire a dress like no other, arrange a consultation and I would love to walk you through the process to identify your style so it reflects you on your big day.

Let the process begin…

White lace will make the lead up to you finally picking up your gown a special experience that will ensure your dream dress fits you to perfection. Come with your ideas, your pins, your budget and most of all come to begin a memorable experience.



Janice’s Story

My dream is to ensure your wedding day photos create timeless memories and are given a place of pride in your home, in frames or displayed in photo albums – not at the bottom of a shoebox like mine were!

As I reflect on my childhood, I can trace the threads that would become the colourful tapestry of my dressmaking skills. As a young child my mum was my greatest influence as she sewed dresses for myself and 3 sisters. We would flick through the pages of my mother’s huge dressmaker pattern books, admiring all the stylish dresses. I knew from that early age that my passion for fashion was developing as I retreated quietly into my own little world of dressing my paper dolls.

Learning sewing at high school also grew my fascination for using the sewing machine and I quickly realised that not only did I love the creative process but sewing came naturally to me. After graduating from high school, I bought my first sewing machine and as a teenager continued to refine my self-made skills by creating my own trend-setting fashions

While working I fell in love and in my twenties became a bride myself. This should have been a time to let my own style shine but looking back at my wedding day photos, reveals quite a few dress wobbles, as my over zealous dressmaker mum (bless her) took over the whole process of choosing the style for ‘my’ wedding dress, which explains why my photos were hidden at the bottom of a shoebox. However, I take those raw nuggets of experience now to encourage my White Lace brides to look their absolute best in ‘their’ dream dress, not just for the wedding day but to share with future generations.

While growing a family and nurturing our four children, life moved on over the years with my instinctive creative edge gathering momentum. My craving for fashion design shone through as I organised fashion shows at trade fairs, and other local fashion related community events and was given the freedom to show my own 70’s creations.

Circumstances helped us to make the difficult decision to leave Zimbabwe in 1989, to settle in England. Whilst living in London I was finally able to pursue formal qualifications in Fashion Studies. With a new-found sense of confidence, I began work as a seamstress working in established bridal houses, before escaping the cold winters of England and welcoming the beautiful beaches and endless summer days of Perth, Western Australia in January 2001 

My continued work as a seamstress ignited a desire to start my own business which focused purely on a successful bridal alterations service and after nine years an irresistible desire to progress into bridal couture, came easily and surprisingly quickly.

Certainly a visit to Paris the birthplace of haute couture, fragrant perfumes and a dreamy city of romance, was going to be the beginning of my inspiration for my bridal collection using beautifully sourced lace and fabrics, moulded into lovely gowns with sweeping long lines, intricately cut yet simple silhouettes and bodices with draped necklines, caped collars, and fuller leg-o’-mutton sleeves all to recapture the romantic trends of the 1930’s and while it may seem like a century ago, and it almost is, the styles are so relevant now in the 21st century, to reflect classical glamour and femininity.

A wedding day is surely about that long-dreamt-about-dress, and I will continue to weave the threads of this tapestry into securing the future of White Lace bridal couture.