The story unfolds

Different language, same passion! Many expressions!

White Lace in Paris_8


My heart flutters with excitement, as my dream of spending some time in the fashion capital of the world unfolds.

White Lace in Paris_9

Such a fantastic welcome into this sun-filled bridal studio situated in Boulogne, on the outer perimeter of Paris.

Soaking in a familiar atmosphere of ivory coloured gowns, and shapely dress stands, is a passion so far away from my home in Western Australia yet so close to my heart in this amazing city. 

White Lace in Paris_10

Bèrengére Saint Pierre is a bespoke bridal designer, and I chat away like old friends about a shared passion of all things bridal, and in a familiar language of silks and tulle, lace and organza, style and techniques. All this turns an ordinary room into a space where beautiful gowns are created.

The dream continues.

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