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What does haute couture have to do with White Lace?

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I recently had the opportunity to present to a business networking group, about my business, how it developed and my transition from bridal alterations to “made to measure” gowns.

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As part of my discussion I demonstrated some of my work and talked about the process of couture.  (Couture is now used as a common abbreviation for haute couture) Haute couture is high end fashion and is a process of design and manufacture of clothes to a client’s specific measurements.

The business owners were particularly interested in a vintage wedding dress that I brought along.

This gorgeous bridal gown was made in Perth in 1937. I am so inspired by it, that I would love to design my version of it as a ‘couture’ project. This is truly couture, a one-off design, made to the bride’s specific measurement, with intricate detail and hand finishing touches. 

 ‘’So my question is………  

Is COUTURE the way forward for White Lace ?

 I think it is not the question……but the ANSWER for WHITE LACE 

If you would like to discuss your dream wedding gown, or would like to book and appointment for a consultation please contact Janice here.

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