Last Minute Alterations Make Natasha a Happy Happy Bride

What do you do if you find your wedding dress doesn’t fit you, days before you walk down the isle?

Recently, I received a 5-star review from one of my beautiful brides, Natasha, and she posted a fantastic photo of her wedding dress on her big day.  However, less than a week before her wedding Natasha was despondent about having a dream wedding gown that didn’t fit her properly.

With the biggest day of her life only days away Natasha had found White Lace on Facebook and sent an SOS to see if anything could be done to alter her designer gown.

Her designer dress had been altered already and it appears that there may have been some sort of mix-up with the sizing.  (The dress was actually a separate skirt and bodice) When it came to White Lace it was just too tight around the waist.  Natasha has a lovely figure but couldn’t breathe with the waist being so tight.

There were however, some challenges.  Firstly, as it had been already been altered elsewhere she needed to be reassured that it could be re-altered to fit her perfectly.  Secondly, it had to be completed within the final four days before her wedding.

The following alterations were achieved to give Natasha her dream wedding gown:

altering the yoke on Natasha's bridal gown
  1. I made a larger back panel for extra breathing space. The bodice seams were unpicked, neatened, beads secured and I added a wider bib to give the extra space for comfort.
  2. I released the skirt waist from 22″ to 25″. The yoke had to be cut through and re-stitched, with the seams neatly finished to face inwards instead of outwards. (They had been digging into her skin)
  3. Lastly, I secured all the loose beads and finished the edge top of the bodice with a border of beads.

Natasha looked stunning in her altered bridal gown and her comments summed up her feelings:

Thank you so much Janice for fixing my dress. You were an absolute lifesaver.  Such beautiful work & service in such short notice. Thanks again. Natasha xxx
wedding dress alterations for Natasha

It had been a challenging assignment, in only 4 days, but one that gave me immense satisfaction, seeing Natasha with a perfectly fitting gown and glowing with confidence.

White Lace will ensure that your bridal alterations are done to the highest quality, precision and complete satisfaction.  If you would like to discuss the alterations you need, or would like a quote please contact Janice here.

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