How a Feature Bow Transformed this Bridesmaid in Hot Pink

What do you do if the bridesmaid’s dress that you are given fails to flatter, without the confidence that you will be at your best to support your bride on the big day?

A young bridesmaid came to me with this dilemma and asked if there was anything that could be done to give the dress a lift, without making wholesale changes to the design.

It was evident that she didn’t like the “daggy” length of this dress. My suggestion was to shorten to above the knee,  more appropriate to her age.  In line with this it just needed to be tightened over the bust area to flatter her figure.

However, the biggest change to the look came from the simplest alteration.  The hot pink dress was finished with a white sash that hung down at the front.  My suggestion was instead of tying the sash to hang down at the front, why not wrap it around the waist twice to create texture in the front, and finish with a big feature bow tied at the back for a new trendy look.

The colour pink owes it history to the flowers of the same name, from the genus Dianthus.  These flowering plants, all having five petals,  include the well known “Carnations” and “Pinks” from which the colour is named.  The colour is associated with things that are exotic and seductive, as well as being feminine and romantic.

colour pink comes from these flowers

In this case a simple sash changed the look of this dress and allowed the bridesmaid to live up to the feeling inspired by the hot pink dress she was wearing.  While being careful not to outdo her bride of course, the young bridesmaid was now “fitted to flatter”.

But the story didn’t end there as the other bridesmaids, suitably impressed with her stunning new look,  followed her lead and had similar alterations made to their dresses.

White Lace will ensure that your bridal alterations are done to the highest quality, precision and complete satisfaction.  If you would like to discuss the alterations you need, or would like a quote please contact Janice here.

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