Since you’ve become engaged, have you been “designing”, a picture of that fairytale dress in your head?

The dress that you’ve imagined since you were a young girl?

Your dream dress is not as elusive as you might think!

Imagine if you could have it made exactly as you picture it?

What if you could take that picture out of your head and bring it to life exactly as you’ve always imagined?

Catching your thoughts again you see yourself stepping into your beautifully fitted gown.

Hair and makeup done, glancing into the mirror one last time before you walk down the aisle, in your one-of-a-kind wedding dress, with the train gliding behind you.

You’re picturing your dream dress being remembered beyond your wedding day,..

because as a young girl, you remembered seeing a picture of your grandmother’s handmade wedding dress and your thought was…


that’s how special I would want my dress to be remembered in years to come.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

F A Q ‘s

Who is my consult with?

Janice will be able to guide you step by step through the process of making your dream dress from scratch. She is worth her weight in tulle, and at the same time, a heavyweight in at her craft.

Her passion for making brides look and feel beautiful in their dream dress, comes from her own experience of not loving her own dress. She’s London trained in bridal, Perth experienced in bridal and inspired by a visit to a couture bridal designer in Paris.

What happens during the consultation?

During the one hour consultation, we discuss your ideas, such as silhouette, fabrics and finishes while also considering your budget.

Some people choose to bring their mum or a bridesmaid for support, but remember, this is YOUR dream dress and will designed with your vision in mind.

An original sketch is made of the dress, which will be sent to you in a document with notes of what we discussed during the session.

If you choose to go ahead, we’ll arrange our next date for taking your measurements.

I haven’t started looking, so can I have a consultation even though I haven’t tried on any dresses?

You would be encouraged to first go shopping to try on different styles in bridal salons. This will give you a good idea of what shape suits you best. Then you are ready to come in for a consult. There wouldn’t be any obligation if after the consult, you decided not to have your dress made, it is entirely your choice.

How much will it cost to get my dress made?

The price range for made-to-measure gowns can vary, depending on the style, the fabric and decorative details. They range from 3 to 12 thousand dollars for the whole service, which includes materials, fittings, and general ongoing alterations.

This is why we have a consultation to provide you with a more accurate cost. If you are working within a budget range, knowing beforehand how much you want to spend on your dress gives Janice something tangible to work with when meeting to discuss your dress.

How long does it take to get my dress made?

Once you’ve been booked in, the design process takes anywhere from six to nine months. Project length is determined by the complexity of each dress and the bride’s timeline, and Janice can give you a more accurate estimate of this at your consultation.

I’m not really sure how to explain what I want!

Don’t worry that’s what the consult is for. We can have a discussion and you will be asked all the right questions to point you in the right direction and together we can figure out designing a dress that you will absolutely love.

What if I want a second consult?

If you’re still unsure of the decision you made in the first free consultation and want to have another consult with… say, your mum or a trusted friend, the second consult is valued at $240 and will be deducted from the total price of the dress.

What’s the next step after the consultation?

• You’ll receive a document with my notes and a sketch of the dress as a reference of our discussions.

• When you’ve decided to go ahead, we’ll book your next consult to take your measurements.

• At this stage a deposit of $490 is required to begin the process. Janice only works with 12 brides per year so this deposit secures your place.