Don’t Forget Your Wedding Dress Alterations

So the date has been set and you have started searching for the dress of your dreams at Bridal Expos or you may have visited and tried on a number of dresses at a top-end bridal shop. 

White Lace wedding dress alterations

Maybe you have searched online, through the vast variety of bridal websites that offer remarkably reasonable priced dresses. Recommendations from friends are often helpful too.

That’s great!  But have you set a budget for your alterations? Unless you have your dress “made to measure” the chances are it will require some alterations.

So as time ticks away on the calendar, you finally make a decision. You love the shape and style, the colour and the price is right on target .  However, when the dress finally arrives and you realise that it is not a perfect  fit then you have to find an alterations expert.  But did you budget for the extra cost of alterations?

What alterations could you need and how much should you allow?  The costs are as varied as each unique dress.

  • Hems may be complicated layers of tuille or organza, with an underskirt and petticoat, from the popular lace look to a more simple rolled hem.  Ultimately all skirts have to be just the right length so that you do not trip over while walking down the aisle.
  • Maybe the bodice is gaping over the bust area.  It could be beaded, lace, draped or plain seams, but the inner structure will almost always have a separate lining with ‘boning’ that supports your shape.

Before setting up White Lace bridal alterations, making wedding dresses was my passion.  I still love the thrill of designing and making a new creation, however,  with the growing trend in on-line wedding dress shopping I have I shifted my skills towards this much-needed service for brides-to-be.

White Lace will ensure that your bridal alterations are done to the highest quality, precision and complete satisfaction.  If you would like to discuss the alterations you need, or would like a quote please contact Janice here.

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