Don’t Forget the Hem for that Perfect Fit

Your bridal gown is the centerpiece of your wedding and you want to feel like a princess on your special day.

Its often what is going on underneath the dress that determines whether you will have the perfect fit.

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It can be quite daunting taking up a hem to the right length, because all the layers have to be cut with lots of skill and attention.  For instance, tulle skirts usually have multiple layers of gathered fabric and this can be tricky when trying to achieve an even neat hem.

Some gowns have layers and layers of under-petticoats, making the bridal alterations intricate and time-consuming.  A good quality, sharp pair of scissors is essential when trimming hemlines, but there are some other important factors that would affect achieving the final correct length of your dress.

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Whether you have chosen heels or flats, you should wear your bridal shoes to the fitting. Your shoes should just peep out when you walk.  A hem should not curl under and you want your shoes to be seen as you glide down the aisle.


If you’re going to be wearing a hoop it should sit just above your ankles to allow easy movement of your feet.

Standing Tall

It is important not to look down at the hem while it is being pinned up.  Even the smallest of movements can have an adverse affect on the fitting.

To achieve a perfectly even hem, try to stay still, looking up as you will be on your big day.  Once the pinning is done, that is the time to move around and test the comfort of your gown.

White Lace will ensure that your bridal alterations are done to the highest quality, precision and complete satisfaction.  If you would like to discuss the alterations you need, or would like a quote please contact Janice here.

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