Do we Take Pearls for Granted?

I was thinking about this recently as I was looking for a particular pearl in my treasure trove of beads.

I knew that pearls came from an oyster but I decided to find out exactly how a natural pearl is formed. The oyster actually tries to protect itself through a process of depositing layers of mother-of-pearl over an intruding particle within the oyster, until a lustrous pearl is formed.

White Lace and Pearls_1
Mother Nature at her finest…the creation of a pearl

There are five characteristics of a natural pearl that determine their value.

White Lace and Pearls_2
All shapes and sizes
  1. Lustre – the luminous quality of the pearl surface. A “mirror” finish is the most sought after.
  2. Surface – the number and depth of imperfections.
  3. Size – the bigger he pearl he more value it has.
  4. Colour – the colours vary according to the colour of the pearl shell. They can be pinks, whites, silvers and creams.
  5. Shape – Pearls are not just round. They come in a wide range of shapes.  A perfectly round pearl is rare.

Pearl jewelry remains a sign of an elegant fashion sense.  The fashion industry has used pearls to accessorize timeless beauty on the runways of Paris, London and New York.  They can be sewn into a bodice design or scattered onto the satin skirt of a bridal gown.  Pearls bring classical glamour on a string of pearls around your neck or simply stunning as a pearl drop necklace.

White Lace and Pearls_3
Beautiful pearl jewelry

Pearls have been passed down as family heirlooms for the next generation of brides to wear at their wedding. Every woman should own a piece of pearl jewelry whether a necklace or earrings. Remember less is often more when it comes to pearls.

Truly gorgeous gems.

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