Are you looking to be fitted to flatter?

Congratulations, you have made the biggest decision of your life and now you are planning your wedding.

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You may be in the situation where you have paid for your dress already,  or maybe you still looking for that dream bridal gown.  Now you might be wondering what the cost would be for alterations to make it “fitted to flatter”.

I receive many enquiries asking about the costs to make alterations to a wedding dress.  However, without seeing the dress on the bride-to-be, I find myself in quite a difficult position, responding to enquiries requesting quotes for alterations.  Even providing a ballpark figure is similar to a mechanic trying to work out how much it will cost to fix an engine without seeing and hearing it, or a painter giving a quote until they have seen the condition of the walls and working out how much time will be needed to prepare for and complete the job.

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There are a number of elements that I have to consider when doing a quote, for example it depends on:

  • the construction of the dress
  • the fabric used (or combination of fabrics)
  • the style
  • whether it is beaded
  • what proportion of lace is used (and how intricate the pattern)
  • how the hem is finished and whether it is lace edged
  • the amount of layers and shape of the skirt
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My suggestion will always to book in for an obligation-free quote, where I can see the dress on you and discuss the look and feel that will make your special day unforgettable.  This will allow me to provide a written quote on the work to be done, and put your mind at ease knowing exactly what you need to budget. 

White Lace will ensure that your bridal alterations are done to the highest quality, precision and complete satisfaction.  If you would like to discuss the alterations you need, or would like to book and appointment  please contact Janice here.

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