In this dress the overall bust area was too big and the strap was too long.


Dress altered nicely to fit snugly, with the strap shortened and the cleavage lifted.



Hi there I ma just waiting for my dress to arrive and as I want to loose more weight my dress might need to be altered. Maybe around the bust and waist it is a strapless dress like a princess dress can email you a picture if needed. It wont be a massive alteration job I was wondering how long you would need to alter it. The latest I need the dress is on the 20 Sept, will one month be enough to fix any alterations? many thanks.

Donna Porter

I bought a dress in England but need taking in on bust but let out on hips. Also a hip and button to hold up skirt .How long would you need to do this? It’s a Danielle coture Gatsby dress I don’t want a different dress really upset as should if been done when purchased. 😫
but didn’t realise till got home.. and approx amount please.

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