Janice Thornicroft
Janice Thornicroft

Welcome to White Lace.  I am White Lace’s owner Janice Thornicroft and I would like to share some of my background and passion with you

I gained my formal qualifications in London, refining my bridal craft at Mirror Mirror, a well-known and popular bridal boutique in Crouch End, and at Anna Christina, a bridal design house, where I constructed more than 150 wedding dresses within the 2 year period before coming to Perth over a decade ago.

Since arriving in Perth, I have worked with a number of high-end bridal studios, including Tuscany. For the last six years have been running my own thriving studio doing bridal alterations.

I have an excellent reputation based on a commitment to deliver perfect alterations with exceptional attention to detail, resulting in a perfectly fitting gown every time.

A substantial client base from Bridal Obsessions in Joondalup has also developed due to my reputation for exceptional bridal alterations.

As a seamstress with more than 20 years passionate experience in garment construction, I’m well known for my commitment to quality, precision and customer satisfaction.

My work is uniquely characterised by its invisible stitching of lace appliqué work, removing (where necessary) beads and crystals in order to adjust bodice side seams, replacing them securely, ensuring multi-layered hemlines are accurately lifted (including lace edged hems), shoulder straps and halter neckline adjusted and bustles added to perfectly reflect the style of the skirt.

I have a strong eye for detail and often see what can be invisible to the eye of a bride-to-be, allowing me to help her change minute details which can make all the difference to a dress.

Most importantly of course, alterations are made without compromising the gown’s design and are undertaken only to enhance the fit of the dress to each unique body shape.

White Lace will alter your dress so that it’s fitted to flatter. I have great satisfaction in seeing a bride who is beaming and radiant because her dress fits in all the right places.